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Key opportunity

Changing safety legislation requires all electric vehicles to emit sound at speeds up to 30 kph (19 mph).

Pedestrians and other road users are used to vehicles that make a sound. Most electric vehicles are silent and create new but dangerous road situations for drivers and road users. Therefor new legislation requires all EV’s to emit sound by 2020.

Apart from warning beeps, most electric motorcycles sounds are artificial and don’t contribute to a more substantial driving experience.  We imagined the future for electric motorcycles: where safety can enhance rider experience instead of limiting it.

Our solution

Don’t treat a bike like a car, they are not the same thing.

Contemporary EV sound is designed for linear velocity. But riding a bike is rarely a linear experience; it’s a dynamic experience over several axes. With traditional bike acceleration and braking is key to sound but adding additional layers of sound while cutting corners is a next-level experience.

But the key to developing the solution is designing a technical solution that makes the intention of the driver heard. A slow throttle or an aggressive approach do not only sound different but also make the difference for road users. Different audible intentions trigger different responses.

From flat out acceleration to tiny throttle tweaks while in a tight hairpin, you and other road users need to feel and hear the difference.

The next level EV sound experience is the answer for both new legislation and rider experience. By leveraging real-time data straight from the bike into a multi layered acoustics engine and acoustics set, sound moves from mandatory to extraordinary in seconds.

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Taking our solution for a test drive

We developed a test rig on an actual electric motorcycle, mounting an external high-fidelity speaker directly to the bike. All generated sound is created by leveraging real-time data through the CANBUS.

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The result

Max innovation with minimum cost

The collected data provides input for the sound module, it then sends the sound via bluetooth directly to the speaker. This way the impact on bike aesthetics and build costs are kept to a minimum. Easy retrofitting is key in updating bikes for the loud future of EV’s.